Forest County Partnership


Serving Forest County since 1988

We know what to do . . .

  • To develop positive capable young people
  • To reduce alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse and promote wellness
  • To build a healthy, safe community


The Forest County Partnership promotes cooperative efforts and educational opportunities among agencies,organizations, tribes and individuals serving youth in Forest County.


Today’s youth face enormous social pressures from peers, media and other community influences to drink illegally and use tobacco which is often a precursor to other illicit drug use. Like you, we’re concerned. The Forest County Partnership does more than focus on the problem and people “at risk”, we offer opportunities for the community to work together to build a healthy present and future for young people. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teen, business owner, law enforcement officer, religious leader, teacher, counselor, health professional, or concerned citizen there’s a role for you to play to make our community a healthier place to live.


We seek to motivate and equip youth, parents, and other community leaders with the skills and knowledge to join together in nurturing competent, caring and responsible youth for a healthier community. We will accomplish this purpose through research, evaluation, resource materials, training and networking.

Caring and Support for Youth

Concern and support from adults helps protect young people from harm. Good community programs and networks of caring adults and teens can make a difference. The Partnership helps youth and adults find the help they need to stay healthy.

High Expectations

The Partnership has high expectations of ourselves and the people with whom we live and work. We promote healthy habits and positive choices. We recognize the challenges and know the facts about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and abuse. We do not shy away from the challenges. We have clear goals and plan to measure our progress toward those goals. Ask us.

Participation and Involvement

Community solutions require community involvement. Young people and adults benefit by taking an active role in community building, learning how to lead and make healthy choices.

Current Endeavors . . .

The Partnership fosters a special relationship between the public schools and county agencies and organizations to address youth alcohol and drug education and prevention efforts.

• Making Healthy ChoicesConference for 8th graders

• Brighter Futures Conference for 11th graders

• Networking Among Agencies

• Teen Institutes

• Teens Against Tobacco Use

• Youth Behavior Surveys

• DARE Program

• Public awareness through the use of press releases

• Continuing Professional Development

• Evaluating Partnership Effectiveness

What You Can Do

• Participate in monthly meetings (3rd Thursday, 9:00 a.m.— 11:30 a.m., location varies).

• Donate money (tax deductible).

• Volunteer time and expertise to activities, events, and programs.

The People Who are Involved

• Business Owners

• Civic and Government Leaders

• Faith Community

• Health Care Providers

• Law Enforcement

• Parents

• School Staff

• Service Agencies

• Tribes

• Youth

• University Extension

For more information, contact:
Sheila Mullins
Phone: 715-478-3524
208 South Hazeldell Avenue
P O Box 464
Crandon WI 54520